- Mandarine Juice Concentrate

Mandarin Juice concentrate, made from natural mandarin juice obtained from mechanical pressure of freshly collected and stored fruits, sterilized and packed in aseptic conditions.

Make ready Mandarin JC is packed in 200 dm3 aseptic bags and then transferred to cylinder or cone-shaped metallic barrels.

Mandarin JC is a thickened, viscous, yellow-colored non-transparent liquid with a sharp taste and aroma of citrus. Entirely dissolves in the water.

Amount of Brix based on the refractometer is not less than 58%. Non-organic acids calculated on the citric acid vary between 5.5-8.0 %. It does not contain artificial additives (sugar, acid dyes).

Comes with certificate of conformity.

-Mandarine Puree

Mandarine puree represents a shredded, sterilized mass obtained as a remainder of Mandarine JC production. It is packed in aseptic conditions as well.

Sugar, edible acids, synthetic dyes, aromatic compounds, genetically modified organisms is not used in any ways during the production.

An organoleptic, physical & mechanical indicator, microbiological norms, storage conditions, nutritional and energetic value of the product is corresponding to established standards.