About Us

LLC Georgian Industrial Asset Management Group was established in August 2011. The company’s main scope of activities is in concentrated fruit juice production. The main emphasis is on mandarin citrus. The production plant is situated in the town of Kobuleti. The company also owns the warehouses and the land located on the factory teritory.Until now, the company has received 12,185,158 tons of raw materials (mandarin), produced 907,452 ton of mandarin JC and 1,505,689 ton of mandarin puree. The company has also produced juice concentrate and purees of plum. Our company also exports freshly packed fruits. The company’s staff represent a highly qualified, effective and experienced team. The total number of employees is 60 persons. It should be noted that the proximity of our facilities to the sea port, railway stations and transit roads contributes to the timely and effective delivery of products.

Mission and Values of the company:

Production of high-quality products from Georgian natural raw materials. Maintenance and development of fruitful and long-term business relations with customers. Continuous improvement of staff performance in accordance with market demands. Support of Georgian farmers and agriculture development.


Expansion of production area using modern technologies. Exploitation of new markets in neighboring regions and the formation of a leading manufacturing firm. Increasing product portfolio with pectin and essential oils.

Our company is situated in the Ajara region, which is known for its fertile soil and a subtropical climate that highly contributes to the productive growth of the citrus fruits. 90% of the citrus crops of Georgia are located in the Ajara region. The majority of the crops are mandarin,cultivated on 8000 ha of land.

The mandarin crop in Ajara is gathered at the end of November. It’s picked by hand which increases the quality control over each fruit. Before introducing the freshly picked mandarin to the production line, it goes through the quality control once more to make sure that the produced juice concentrate is high quality and meets all the settled standards. It’s worth mentioning that alongside with a growing trend of organic production most of the fruits in Ajara region are cultivated without using harmful chemicals and pesticides . The close proximity of the mandarin orchards to the production plant facilitates picking-delivery and production process.